Sewer line repair for sewer stoppage in Atlanta, Georgia

If you suspect a sewer stoppage, you’ve noticed some things that just aren’t right. Maybe your toilets are gurgling, or you’ve noticed a funky smell outside. If it’s bad enough, you might have had wastewater back up into your shower. Atlanta Star Plumbing will unstop your line. Then, we’ll do a visual inspection with a camera to examine exactly what happened, and we’ll give you all the details. If you’re having sewer issues in the Atlanta area, call us.

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How to maintain your sewer lines

The best way to maintain your sewer lines is by using a bacterial drain cleaning, such as AquaPro’s BioOne. Soaps and shampoos leave a trail of fats, oils and greases in your drains and pipes. BioOne removes those fats, oils, and greases and keeps your water lines inside and outside the house running more smoothly. BioOne is the only safe product we recommend. It can be administered easily, directly down your drains. Follow the manufacturer instructions on the bottle for use.


Sewer Stoppage Repair FAQs

Sewer lines can get stopped up for several reasons. Commonly, we see tree roots growing into the lines. In these scenarios, we can quickly and easily unclog the line. The weather could also play a role in sewer stoppage. For example, the transition from a very rainy period to a very dry period could cause the ground to shift, breaking the pipes underneath.


Sometimes, sewer lines stop up due to improper installation. For example, certain homes have water lines with significant bends built in, like a roller coaster. When wastewater collects in the low spots, it can create a traffic jam. In cases where the pipes are broken, we will need to repair and possibly replace your lines. Whatever the case, sewer stoppage is common and completely fixable with the right equipment.

Use a bacterial cleaning product, such as BioOne, to clear your sewer lines of fats, oils, and greases. See manufacturer’s instructions for instructions and frequency.

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