Toilet repair

Toilet repair, replacement, and installation in Atlanta, Georgia

At Atlanta Star Plumbing, our highly competent technicians can take care of any toilet issue. From older homes that weren’t built to support modern plumbing to new installations as part of a home build, we have the experience and know-how to help. If your toilet is leaking, rocking, making funny noises, flushing on its own, or smelling weirder than normal, give us a call. We’ll inspect it and talk you options for fixing or replacing it.

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How to do maintenance on your toilet

The most important type of maintenance you can do for your toilet is to clean it regularly, inside and out. Without proper cleaning, the porcelain finish on your toilet will wear off over time. This gives black mildew an ideal place for growth. For stubborn toilet stains, try a pumice stone. You can also put vinegar in the bowl and let it sit to help offset calcium buildup, which will help it flush better. To stay ahead of issues with your toilet and more, join Atlanta Star Plumbing’s Diamond Club. As a member, we’ll come to your house once annually and inspect your plumbing to ensure everything is running in tip top shape.

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Toilet repair FAQs

How do I know if I have a leaky toilet?

If you suspect a leaky toilet but aren’t sure, put several drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Don’t flush it for 12 hours; just let it sit in the tank. If the food coloring ends up in the bowl of the toilet, you can confirm that you have a leak.

Do I need a new toilet?

The age of your toilet is something to consider if you are having issues with it. Many older toilets are “low flush,” meaning they use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This type of toilet was popular many years ago, but modern plumbing doesn’t support their function. Angles of plumbing lines have changed over time, meaning homes now require different toilet types. If your toilet is an older low flush model, you likely need a new one. Additionally, if your toilet is too low to the ground or you just don’t like the style, you may need a new toilet. Whatever the case, call Atlanta Star Plumbing. We can help.

Toilet repair plumbing reviews

“Atlanta Star Plumbing was a breath of fresh air. I previously called three other plumbing services before I called Atlanta Star Plumbing. The previous places I called were sufficiently sub-adequate. They never called me back after multiple phone calls and were extremely unprofessional. I made one call to Atlanta Star Plumbing and made an appointment the next day. Britt came out to the house and was extremely professional. He worked effectively and efficiently to fix the issue. Britt came back out later in the week when I was available after he ordered a part and finished up the job then with no issues. I can honestly say that I have no complaints with their service. My toilet is now working fine. The process was very easy. I highly recommend and would use again if any other plumbing issues arise.”

Greg C.

“Had a major toilet backup with water everywhere due to a blocked main line right outside the house at 7:00pm. Called and spoke to Britt who arrived to my house very shortly thereafter. Britt was able to fix the situation immediately. Will need more work in about a week to fix a cracked pipe outside but I totally trust the recommendations Britt gave me. I would highly recommend Atlanta Star Plumbing for all of your needs. Cost is a factor of any decision but knowing that the repairs are timely and completed right is total peace of mind.”

Melissa W.

“Great, knowledgeable, and friendly service!!! Thank you so much!!!!”

Anne C.

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