Join the Diamond Club and Save Money!

Plumbing maintenance services in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Star Plumbing fixes plumbing emergencies. But we also want to help our customers prevent emergencies from happening. That’s why we created our exclusive Diamond Club. The Diamond Club is a private membership service that helps safeguard your home and family from dangerous situations.

Diamond Club members receive an annual 200+ point inspection to proactively identify any potential plumbing issues in your home. During that inspection, we inspect all the plumbing in your home. We flush your water heater to get rid of buildup. We check your water lines to look for signs of aging or damage. And we check your gas lines and any appliances in your home that use water or gas.

Additionally, Diamond Club members receive member-only discounts, extended warranties, reduced service fees, and front-of-the-line priority service on emergency calls.

To learn more about our exclusive Diamond Club, call 770-917-8885 or submit the form below.

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