Water filter and water softener repair, replacement, and installation in Atlanta, Georgia

Water quality is a big issue, especially in the greater Atlanta area. Whether you don’t like the smell or taste of your water, or the chlorine is pitting your copper pipes, Atlanta Star Plumbing can help. We can come to your home and test for water quality. Then, we can recommend a filter or softener to resolve your issues. Give Atlanta Star Plumbing a call.

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How to maintain your water filter

In most water filter models, the filters need to be changed periodically. This is critical for the functionality of your water filter. In fact, an unchanged or dirty filter can be more dangerous than having no water filter at all. Bacteria and other toxins can build up in your filter contaminating water that passes through. To ensure your filters are changed regularly, become a member of our Diamond Club. Members receive annual plumbing inspections.

How to maintain your water softener

Upon installation of your water softener, Atlanta Star Plumbing will educate you on how to maintain it. You must add salt to your water softener regularly. This salt rinses through and cleans your system, and it can be purchased at any home improvement store. If you’d like continual guidance on maintaining your water filter, join our Diamond Club. We’ll inspect it once per year and answer any questions about maintenance.


Water Filter/Softener FAQs

It depends. First, we need to understand what your home conditions are, so we can determine what filter is best for your home. We may recommend an under-sink option, a reverse osmosis option, or a point of use for your kitchen. Depending your unique situation, Atlanta Star Plumbing can recommend a water filter that suits your needs.

It depends. First, we need to understand why you want a water softener. We also need to know about your home. To learn what water softener will be best for you, call Atlanta Star Plumbing.


“Expansion tank on my water heater rusted out and blew like a geyser. I called Atlanta Star Plumbing and within 30 minutes, Britt was at my house saving the day. He is kind, professional, and skilled. He advised what needs to be replaced relatively soon but is ok for now, and fixed what was necessary. Quickly! Zero upsell pressure. He built so much trust during this first impression. I will for sure be calling on him soon to do the rest. Thank you to Maria too! When I called, she asked how she could make me smile today. They knocked it outta the park. I am smiling!”

Vanessa L.

“I would highly recommend Atlanta Star Plumbing! Very professional! They gave me a specific time they would arrive (instead of a large time window). Quickly identified the problem with our hot water and fixed it during the same visit - they had the repair parts in the truck. Extremely reasonable prices and even answered some additional plumbing questions I had that were not related to the problem at hand. All in all it was a great service experience!”

Neely B.

“I am a real estate agent and this is one for the record books! During the inspection, the water heater started to leak. While we watched, the pan filled up, and it was clear that the drain line out of the pan was not working. And we were in a second floor condo unit so a flood would have been double trouble! While the inspector bailed, I called Atlanta Star Plumbing and Britt was there to save the day within 30-45 minutes. He gave us an estimate, we got the OK from the owner of the property, he replaced the water heater (plus some components that had to be brought up to code), and cleaned up perfectly - and disaster was averted!”

Lucy K.

"I have used this company multiple times, always professional."

Sherry Franks


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