Water line leaks

Water line leak repair and replacement in Atlanta, Georgia

Living in the Atlanta area, we experience all four seasons. If your pipes aren’t flexible enough to swell and shrink in sync with the ground, you will eventually experience a water line leak. You might see puddles in the yard or brown spots on your ceiling. We can repair, replace, and install your water lines. We’ll make sure they are structurally sound and up to code. If you suspect you have a water line leak, call us to come check it out. 


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How to maintain your water lines

The best way to maintain your water lines is through regular inspections. As a member of our Diamond Club, you will receive annual inspections, allowing you to proactively care for your plumbing system and resolve small problems before they become big ones.

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Atlanta Star Plumbing is a certified LeakSmart installer

It’s only a matter of time before you have a water line leak. To keep close tabs on your entire plumbing system, we are a certified installer of LeakSmart. These devices connect to an app on your phone and detect leaks virtually anywhere in your home. They also give you the power to shut off water, even when you’re not at home. If you’re looking for peace of mind with your water lines, this is an excellent option.

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Water line leak FAQs

Why is my water bill so high?

Larger-than-normal water bills are common signs of a water leak. It could also be a smaller plumbing issue, such as a running toilet. The best way to determine the cause of your increased water bill is to call Atlanta Star Plumbing. We’ll inspect your home, tell you what the issue is, and present you with options. In many cases, we can fix issues on the spot.

Why do I have a puddle in my yard?

Often, wet spots in the yard signal a water line leak. Your water comes to your home from the road through pipes in your yard. If one of those is leaking, you will likely have wet spots in your yard.

Should I replace my copper pipes?

The life expectancy of copper is about 20 years. But regardless of how long they’ve been in place, it is only a matter of time before your copper pipes begin pitting, which results in pinhole leaks. This results in brown spots on your ceiling and, eventually, major water damage. Additionally, copper pipes can freeze to the point of bursting in the winter months—especially in Atlanta, Georgia. We typically replace copper pipes with Pex A pipes because they are more flexible. They can expand and contract with the weather, so they don’t burst.

Water line leak repair reviews

“Got 3 estimates and his was the lowest. Showed up on time right when he said he would be. Everything went just as it should go. Cleaned up after himself, very neat. Answered and gave explanations for all my questions. Most definitely would use them again in the future!”

Anne C.

“Had a plumbing emergency at 6:15 pm. Called the company we have always used, told me they could be there in 3 days. Called a second company and was told the same. Talked with Maria who was understanding and concerned for our situation. Plumber Britt called after his day ended 7:30 and said he could be at our home at 7:00 am. He arrived on time and was professional. Britt resolved our problem. We can't thank Atlanta Star Plumbing enough. We now have a new plumbing company we'll use in the future for any plumbing needs.”

Nancy T.

“I contacted Atlanta Star Plumbing, because I was having a flooding issues in my kitchen and I have no idea where the water was coming from. I was told that a plumber would be their in 30-45 minutes....guess what, Britt (Master Plumber) showed up in 20 minutes, he went straight to the kitchen and knew what the problem was in 5 seconds. I would like to thank them for their professionalism, speediness and knowledge. I do not know what would have happen if you didn't show up when you did. Thank you very much!!!!”

Anna B

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