Water pressure

Water pressure repair in Atlanta, Georgia

If your water pressure is off, it can affect every fixture in your house—faucet, toilet, shower valve, dishwasher, your water heater. That’s why Atlanta Star Plumbing checks water pressure every time we enter someone’s home. It’s so important to the health of your plumbing, we require customers to sign off if they don’t want it done.

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How to maintain your water pressure

The best way to maintain your water pressure is to have it checked once per year. Water pressure is the silent enemy. Most people don't realize they have high water pressure until we discover it during a safety inspection or work on another job. You may experience a water leak that indicates a larger problem. To stay ahead of potential water pressure issues, join our Diamond Club and enjoy annual inspections.

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Water pressure repair FAQs

Why is my water pressure so low?

It depends. In some cases, you may need to clean your aerators or shower heads. Some faucets have built-in water savers that intentionally lower your water pressure. Sometimes, low water pressure is a symptom of a larger problem. You may have an obstruction or a break in your line. The only way to find out for sure what’s causing your low water pressure is to call a professional plumber to check it out.

How would I know if I have high water pressure?

Typically, high water pressure is seen as a good thing for a strong shower. But if you hear a funny, buzzing noise when you run your faucets, your pressure may be too high. Similarly, if your water pressure begins high and decreases as it runs, you may have high water pressure that needs to be checked.

Water pressure repair service reviews

“The inspection today revealed we are probably missing a PRV. Glad we can fix that before Smyrna’s robust water pressure can damage our plumbing!”

Rick & Barbara S. M.

“Great company and I highly recommend!!”

Melissa C.

"I just wanted to say what an awesome employee you have with Britt. We called him very early Monday (around 4:00 A.M.) morning to come out and address our plumbing problems because we had a home inspection for the pending sale of our home on Monday at 12:00 P.M. Britt was very nice and fixed our problems with ease. He went above and beyond and we really appreciate it. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Britt and Atlanta Star Plumbing. A+"

Lance C.

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